24 setembro 2018

O testemunho da Magda

Olá! Eu sou Magda da Polônia, sou um novo voluntário no Spin. Agora, eu não falo português (só um pouco), mas eu prometo, vai mudar em breve :)

I arrived to Lisbon right in the middle of the Live it Lisbon project. I am sure I was as scared as excited. Just few hours after my flight I was already helping the hostel team with their work. I immediately soaked into the bubble of international projects and I am extremely happy I will not leave it in the next 8 months, if not more :).

My first few days were full of unique and very random tasks, new faces every single day, exploring and getting lost in the working area, neighborhood and Lisbon. It’s been almost a month now, and so far there were not a 2 days of similar work. Preparing a presentation in Portuguese? Delivering an Eurodesk info session? Convincing young students to join European Solidarity Corps? These were just a few of my recent tasks.

Of course, EVS is not only about the work. Lisbon is a very vibrant city and everyone can find something interesting, even if you are not a party animal. I’ve already supported Portuguese National Football Team in the game against Italy, I’ve seen every corner of Sao Jorge castle, I’ve climbed millions stairs, I’ve seen Lisbon from a lot of miradoures, I’ve eaten several types of Portuguese sweets and of course bacalhau!

I am looking forward for the upcoming months and I am very curious what this country and project has prepared for me. With my arms wide open I am ready for the next challenge!

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