20 setembro 2018

O testemunho da Maria

You cannot possibly fit an experience of 9 months in a few lines. It’s equally frustrating as packing and trying to fit everything in a luggage. And all the moments, the feelings, the discussions, the dilemmas, the jokes, the frustrations, the breakfasts and dinners, the trips, the coffees, everything lies scattered in the room with you sitting in the middle numb but so blessed for all that you’ve had.

EVS has been a learning process and most importantly a trip of self discovery and awareness that started way before my first day in Spin. It started the moment I decided to quit my job and find a project. I learned to be open to the unknown, not to be afraid to risk, to be ready for good and bad experiences and deal with whatever i find on my way.

Then, away from home, friends, family and everything that my reality comprised, I learned to listen and question everything that so far had been unquestionably true and correct. Away from everything that had so far defined me I was given the opportunity to redefine myself and explore new realities. And on the way, I found a new home, a new family, new friends and a better version of myself.

So when such an experience comes to an end, you don’t really have another choice. You pack everything in your heart and you take it with you- along with a ridiculously heavy luggage- to your new beginning. 

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