29 outubro 2018

O testemunho da Alicia

I find myself in the middle of my Erasmus stay, it seems that I started this experience only one month ago and, almost without realizing, it has been 6 months since I got to Lisboa. Well, the summer have been astonishing, I have visited several beaches around Lisbon and many cities, I have enjoyed the best rooftop bars of the city and I have tasted food that you cannot imagine what delicious it was, and, the best of all, I dared to try the “Pastel de Belém”; although I am living near Belém, I was afraid to become addicted to them, and actually I am now, but, at least, it is a sweet addiction, and that is always good. There has been also an unpleasant part in this period of my EVS, I have said goodbye to many friends because their time in Lisbon was over, that is the worst part of Erasmus experience from my point of view.  

Related to my job, what can I say...finally I found the reason why I studied environmental sciences, to dedicate a part of my life to develop a job which I enjoy day by day, I am surrounded by excellent professional and technicians who also share the same passion...birds and nature, so, every day I learn something new, and, at the same time, they also ask me for sharing my knowledge as if I was part of this professional team, so that make me feel really good because they let me contribute my own ideas to the projects.     

Coming to the end with my second testimony, I hope that the rest of the time that remaining for me, was even much better than so far or at least just as good, and I hope to know more things about Portugal, in general, and Lisbon, in particular. Next month, Açores is waiting for me, so in my following testimony I will tell about this trip and show some of my pictures. 

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