25 março 2019

O testimunho da Alicia

Here I find myself writing my last testimony, I cannot believe that my year as a European volunteer
has happened so fast. I decided to come to Lisbon because I was in a moment of my live that I used to feel pretty stuck so I looked for a change in my life, and definitely I found it!!

I have discovered an amazing country, Portugal…full of kind people, interesting cities, delicious food, picturesque landscapes, etc., but the place that really took my heart was Lisbon. At first, my vision about Lisbon was pretty different from how it is now, I just used to see noisy streets and decadent buildings, people in a hurry all the time, poverty, etc. Nowadays, my perception is different, where I used to see decadence now I see beauty and originality.

In the last months I have been very busy, after the celebration of the Festival of Nature in Sagres, quickly, SPEA (the NGO I am involved) started to work on the Ornithology Congress,
celebrated during the first weekend in March, I took part in the Organising Committee that was awesome because I had the opportunity of participating in the meetings and I gave the logistics support as well.

Despite the work, I also had time to enjoy and travel, finally I visited São Miguel Island in Azores, I got impressive with the way people live, the volcanic landscape, it is kind of mix between Ireland and Hawaii. Without a doubt, the best sunset I have ever seen was in Monteiro’s beach, the colours of the sky seemed out of this world.

To finish, I want to thank all the people who make Erasmus world possible, being European volunteer is a good way to discover new things about yourself and also to grow as a professional in your field. Although my time as a volunteer is getting over, I feel my time in Lisbon must go on and I am going to stay for some more time… I still have outstanding issues :)

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