01 agosto 2019

Marina’s testimony No.2

Wow, it is incredible how time flies!
At professional level, I have been able to get to know the children and youngsters of the association and also deepen the way the association works with them.

This enable me to broaden my perspective and knowledge on the social work. I also had the opportunity to conduct different workshops, one related to the Spanish cuisine where we made a Spanish omelette, and the other one was focused on creating a fanzine. All these experiences made me understand and know better the families in the neighbourhood and their situation.

At formation level, apart from what I am learning daily, I very much like on arrival training, especially because we met a lot of interesting volunteers all over Portugal.
At personal level, up to now, it has been very intense and enriching!

During this time, I had been able to know Portugal and Portuguese culture more deeply. I have the chance to visit different spots in Portugal such as Cascais, Sintra, Arrábida, Covilhão, Évora…! What to say about the amazing portuguese food: sardinhas, bacalhau, polvo, caracóis, bifanas and
entremeadas, pasteix de nata…I have also been lucky enough to enjoy Santos Populares in Lisbon in which I had the great fun and the chance to see a concert of the well-known portuguese singer Quim Barreiros and his popular pimba songs. I must admit to be impressed by the lyrics of the songs.

In these 8 moths ahead, I would like to visit, try and enjoy all the Portuguese treasures, while
learning throughout this volunteering experience!

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