10 julho 2020

O testemunho da Veronica No. 1 (Junta de Fregusia do Lumiar)

I’m in Lisbon since the 1st of March, unfortunately I’ve arrived here exactly two weeks before the quarantine 
started. I can’t say to have been very lucky. During the quarantine sometimes it’s been hard. I couldn’t wait to start this new experience and, of course, the reality is totally different in comparison with my expectations. But despite this inconvenience I can say that I’m very happy to be here and share my time with other volunteers.

During this period I focused myself in studying Portuguese and improving my English. I also started doing sport and other activities, like painting and drawing, to relax in a such stressful situation. The positive side of this lockdown is that I had the opportunity to know better my flat mates and get friends.

When the lockdown finished we have been starting to go out and discovering new beautiful places in Lisbon, but also trekking in the nature. In June we also did beautiful trip in Alentejo and In Algarve. It’s been very nice!
I’m doing volunteering in Junta de Fregusia do Lumiar, a structure where we do many activities of after school and recreation for kids from elementary school. In May I finally started doing some activities with my hosting organisation on smart working. It’s nice having contacts with my colleagues and with kids, but I really can’t wait to meet them by person and implement and increase our activities!

After a very fresh and rainy spring, the summer is finally arrived and I’m enjoying and when I’m not working I enjoy my days to the beach around Lisbon with my friends. I’m having fun and I’m happy to have found this group of beautiful people!

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