18 março 2021

O testemunho no. 1 da Mikk (SPEAK)

My name is Mikk, I come from Estonia and I started my ESC with SPEAK in February 2021.

I decided to go to Lisbon because I wanted to get away from the cold and super hard-working life. I had been in school and logistics job scene at the same time for 2 years by now. This was very stressful for me. The main reason for arrival was to get a little rest and clear the mind from narrow minded mindset. To think outside the box. To be open for new possibilities.

I remember my travel day here really well. I woke up at 5am in the morning in order to reach to the Tallinn’s airport. Since it was a snowstorm outside it took a while for them to clean the wings of the plane with hot water and some foam. The plane could not take off on the right time and I was late for my transit in Frankfurt. I ran and walked really fast and used my good map locating skills to reach to the flight to Lisbon. Luckily boarding was delayed by 15 minutes so I reached it. I saw many other planes getting canceled from Germany later in the Lisbon airport. 

Finally I was in Lisbon and had to take a corona test where I waited an hour to make the test and then another 8 hours to get my results. It was late already and there were many available taxis waiting for costumers near the airport. 

The first day here already fascinated me when I got outside. I went to the supermarket and to an healthy walk. Architecture was so different from Estonian style. The streets were very clean. It was really warm and I didn’t have to wear my winter coat anymore. It still hangs on the rack till this day without it being used anymore. All in all I was really happy with the outside. 

I didn’t see my flatmates very often on the first days here because some of them were in isolation due to Covid situation. After this difficult time we were reunited and could socialise very well. The people that I am living with are all very nice and respectful. I really appreciate that. One thing that I have noticed about the flat though has been that people come and go. Only a few decide to stay for the all year. This is most likely connected with the unequal room distribution. It just doesn’t make sense to share a room with no window or a room where is no space for table and chair. Those who stay are staying mostly because of friends, patio or financial situation. For me it doesn’t matter much because I have shared worse conditions than this. On the other hand I have also lived alone in a studio apartment and I loved that one with a private kitchen and bathroom. 

Last but not least, do I miss Estonia? Well I can still be in contact with my family and friends, but I do miss some food. Mainly good sour cream/dipping sauces, the best mayonnaise, black bread made from rye (in Portugal they have the ones made from wheat), chips with flavours, dumplings and smoked salami that is also extremely good there. Sorry Chorizos from Spain and Portugal are good, but it is not the same. In Lisbon I have discovered some new recipes to cook like prawns, bacalhau. I have not tested more because I have no idea how to cook them yet. I also have ordered bitoque which was very good. I like that I can buy cactus, lichi, mango and other interesting juices here that they don’t sell in Estonia. Also the wine is really cheap so it can be used for both drinking and cooking. And last but not least, the very good thing about Lisbon is that pork is so cheap and it has always been one of my favorite food to cook. 

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