14 janeiro 2022

O testemunho No. 1 do Amr (SPIN)

Hi Everyone, This is Amr from Egypt.
I'm 24 years old.
I can't believe it's been more than a month now for me in Portugal. 


I came for a 9-month project at Spin's association. Coming here was after a couple of delays in the project and then for Visa Application, it was a messy process, I'm glad that it all came to pass, I was in contact all that time was my tutor and Coordinator Giulia and she's been friendly and helpful and made me even more excited about the Project.

When I first arrived in Lisbon, I was Welcomed by two Beautiful people (Ertugrul and Lisa) with whom I took my first walk into the City and it was Breathtaking, I got introduced to a whole new and diverse daily structure and different Cultures and as I come from a different continent it felt like a different world and I was in a Cultural shock, Also I came to know that Portuguese people are so nice even though I don't speak Portuguese as I should, but they try to find a way to communicate as much as possible.

I had my welcome day with Lisa and Ertugrul at spin's office on the seventh of December and We had a nice conversation with Giulia and she made everything clear and simple for us we also got to meet a lovely Portuguese person, Katrina with whom we could find out more about the neighborhood of Bairro padre Cruz, We also had an information session with Nelson at a school in Amadora to promote the program. 

Later on, I met awesome volunteers and Ex Volunteers and everyone seemed excited about their projects and I was amazed By How Friendly and Nice they all are, I Went with some of them to Different places in Sintra and Lisbon it's been wonderful, which makes me look forward to exploring more in Portugal.

One of the Things that I Truly Cherish in Portugal is the fact that I live with, my flatmates, whom I didn't actually know at first but shortly after and within a week they became just like a family, they gave me a beautiful impression about Portugal and with them I had the best birthday party ever.

In Conclusion, I'd say I'm Happy to be Here,  Portugal is a Warm and beautiful country with a variety of Cultures, I love How colorful Houses are in Lisbon and also the amazing view of all Houses with Red Roofs from Above and the Mesmerizing Architecture, lovely places and of course the view of the Sea, and I'm Also Looking forward to getting more involved in more work and activities at spin.

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