03 novembro 2012

Curso de formação "Entrepreneurship for Social Change" em Comaruga, Espanha

O David foi um participante no curso de formação "Entrepreneurship for Social Change" promovido pela Associação Spin, em Comaruga, Espanha (13-21 de Outubro de 2012). Aqui fica o seu testemunho!

I just arrived from the course called "Entrepreneurship for Social Change" with the duration of 7 days, it had place in Comuruga, a beautiful coastal town that combines extensive sand with a kind and nice population. Poblet is little town where we passed 3 exciting days having as a background a mountain landscape and a majestic monastery.

This degree had as a main objective to develop competences on self and community learning fostering new sources and approaches for creative employment and social entrepreneurship. But the experience was more than learning theory as if it was a university room, the formation was based in a combination of non formal education methodological approaches (including experiential learning and outdoor experiential learning) and the experiences and support of practitioners in self-employment and social entrepreneurship. There it was possible to me to be a part of my learning, being able always to give my opinion and give free wings to my imagination. Throughout the course I had the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, and I can highlight hiking in the mountain in the night with the afterwards reflection and conception, geocashing and the visit to the home-museum of a Spanish famous violinist Pau Casals and not forgetting the presentation of two successful projects of social entrepreneurship.

Besides this, I must say again that this course had as presence young people from all over the  Europe, where I could meet new cultures, languages and I had the pleasure of taste food and typical products from each country of each person.

I finish saying that definitely the course was excellent in a professional level because it helped me to create and to develop tools that are going to be useful in a next future and in a personal level because I met different places, I did new things and I met different people!

Thank you to AHEAD, to the course teachers, the course colleagues and to the SPIN Association because if it wasn't for them, this excellent experience would never be possible. 
Best Regards,
David Martins

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