13 novembro 2012

Fraternité 2020

Fraternité 2020 is a European Citizens Initiative for more EU exchange programmes like the European Voluntary Service or Erasmus. It aims to gather 1.000.000 signatures and thus force the European Commission to propose a legislation in favour of European Union Exchange Programmes (Like Erasmus and EVS). 

Please, DO, take action: Sign and share this Initiative until Thursday, November 22. On that day the European Council will meet in Brussels to decide how much money will be spent on EU exchange programmes for the period 2014-2020, whereas it is still uncertain what the future of those programmes will be from 2014 on.

You may visit the webpage and read the Initiative in any of the official languages of the European Union.

All of you who have participated even in one of those exchange projects you can understand quite well the importance of these in the promotion of intercultural dialogue, in the quest of knowledge, in the effort of understanding ourselves and in a wide range of sectors of people’s lives across Europe and beyond.

Association Spin aligns with this effort and considers it of crucial importance for the future of the Youth in Action and other European mobility opportunities. We would like to emphasize once more that we invite every single person who has attended any of those programmes, either through Association Spin or through any other medium, to join the cause by signing and sharing the news as much as possible.

If you choose English as your desired language you may sign here!


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