10 novembro 2012

Training Course "Communication and Conflict Management for Peace Education"

The international Training Course "Communication and Conflict Management for Peace Education" took place on October 2012 in Lisbon and it was organized by Associação Spin (Portugal) and Centro Studi Difesa Civile (Italy) with the collaboration of Association “Focus - European Centre for Development” (Bulgaria), Mladinski center Dravinjske doline (Slovenia), CRISP -Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V. (Germany), The Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (Romania) and The ‘Valkyries’ in Action (Sweden). 18 participants from those 7 countries joined the project and you can scroll down to discover the impressions of 3 of them! The project was supported by the Youth in Action programme of European Union.

Andreea Muresan, Romanian Participant: 
“For me it was a special experience to attend the first international youth training. During the week, I had the opportunity to improve certain skills such as empathy by working in groups. I also improved my English and I noticed that even if we are form different countries, cultures at the end we are kind similar and each of us can contribute a small part to create a better world, with more positive thoughts, confidence and more secure.”

Marco De Cave, Italian participant:
 "I have enjoyed the training very much. It wasn't the normal lesson at the university where you sit and learn what's going on. You learn how to shape what's going on - it's different. The activities were particularly useful for the people involved in volunteer activities. And the trainers were absolutely lovely!"

Paladia Petrar, Romanian Participant: 
"For me, the week spent at the TC meant not only acquiring new and useful knowledge about conflict management and peace education, but also having a chance at introspection and being able to make decisions important for my life. And that was possible because of the people I interacted and connected with, and especially because of the dedication of the trainers and the support staff that were with us all the way, no matter what."

And here is a video about the Training Course willing to make you feel a bit of the vibes of it!

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