13 setembro 2012


(1st October 2012 deadline):

After a long and hard process, the selection of the successful applicants for the "Euro@ction in Carnide III" and "Spinning in Lisbon" EVS projects, coordinated and hosted respectively by SPIN, is over!
Between July 31st and August 29th more than 500 enthusiastic young people, from Martinique to Kazakhstan and from United Kingdom to Uganda, expressed their interest in being 1 out of the 6 lucky people joining the 2 EVS programmes in Lisbon on 2013! Although Spin's staff tried its best, the selection process was really long, especially because of the constant flow of applications every day! We had the pleasure to read some wonderful motivation letters and receive really impressive CVs but its always frustrating having to choose just some out of so many worthy people. After a "psychologically painful" process we had to choose those 6 lucky people fitting more to what we have been looking for these positions. We would like to congratulate the successful applicants and we are waiting for them in Lisbon! However the worth of the successful applicant is increased by the worth of those who didn't make it! We wish all the best to the non accepted applicants and, based on their applications, we are sure that they will not have difficulties finding a great EVS opportunity fulfilling their goals!

Thank you all for your kind interest and don't stop chasing your dreams!

With our kindest regards,
Spin's staff

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