01 outubro 2013

First impressions about EVS in Horas de Sonho and life in Lisbon

I arrived exactly 20 days ago to Lisbon. Looking back it seems like it was ages ago, and it is difficult to remember all the things that happened since then. 

When I arrived the sun was still shining and the weather was still great, not like now, when I look out the window, it is raining, cold and dark.
The first days were passing fast: meeting my flatmates,  my great roomate (Marta from Spain), the other volunteers, going to festivals, beach, discovering the city by day and by night.

Then I got to know the neighborhood, Horta Nova where I am working –  with another volunteer from Spain, Marcos –  in Horas de Sonho. Horas de Sonho is a creche from outside, but it is much more than a day nursery. There are many other projects run by the association: babysitting, summer activities for children, activities for parents, for elderly people, and also other projects that the neighborhood can benefit from. Horas de Sonho is also taking care of 4 buildings of the neighborhood.

We are about to open the Loja Trokaki, a project started by Horas de Sonho. It is a social store, that does not include money. Instead, goods are exchanged: you can take anything in good condition (used or new), eg. books, toys, clothes, and electrical equipment. You receive TROKs that is the shop’s currency, and you can use your TROKs to take away anything you want. Unfortunately the shop currently only opens once a month in different locations, but hopefully soon it will have a permanent place to be open more often. We are also planning other projects, for example painting the outside of the creche and the columns of the neighborhood’s buildings with the local people, and report about the neigborhood. There is always so much to do, and new ideas come up every day what we could do for the district.

And of course, we are open for anything, if there is need, the volunteers support other associations, just like when we helped to clean the new office of Spin. 

So as you can see, there is an exciting one year  ahead of me.

Klaudia Csigi 

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