27 fevereiro 2015

First days of EVS in ViverTelheiras in Lisbon

Here we are! After several years, when our interest in joining EVS increased day by day, the time has come quickly, and now we are (again for one of us) in Lisbon, our current home and the beginning point of this personal experience.

We are Maria and Isabel, from Galicia and León, two Spanish volunteers who arrived with our baggage full of illusion and willingness to experience or EVS almost two weeks before.
Lisboa was the home of María during her Erasmus in 2008-2009, a place which brings her new experiences, the lightly and charming city which made her grew and lent her an unforgettable remember.
"After this period, I felt that I had to come back again, because one part of me belongs to Lisbon and I had to feel it again, keep on growing. As soon as I had time, I came here to visit Lisbon”.

The first days we familiarize with our flatmates, they are all volunteers from Spin, and day by day they are becoming our Portuguese family. We like to share our points of view and also interests (going out, watch films or have birthday dinner) in Anjos, a multicultural neighborhood close to the city center, where coffee bar, cultural centers and people from all over the world live. We couldn't wait to walk through Lisbon, we did the first day! :)

 Our first Monday we meet the new volunteers and Spin and we had a meeting to know more about Spin and Carnide, the region where our projects will take place. We are happy to start our EVS in ViverTelheiras, an organization which promotes cultural and economical growthness between the residents of Telheiras, the institutions and local businesses.

Luis, Felipe and Clara organized to us several dynamic games to meet each others as well as the neighborhood, therefore, we joined a funny paddy paper: a list of questions surrounding Telheiras, with curiosites about the neighborhood. It was exhausting but worth it!

Within a few hours Luis, Felipe and Clara made us feel part of the team in their space, our home :) (sharing with lettuces, tomatoes and bananas!) thanks to the networking with ReFood, an organization which collet food from restaurants, shops and give to less source-families, and they let us stay in their space. It is a great initiative! :)

People received us with a big smile and soon we are going to organize the Telheiras festival, a big event which take place the 4th to 11th May, so you are invited! By the way, we have started to know more about the project and defining our tasks.
Soon we will meet all volunteers in Portugal at On arrival training, where we will have a training about our rol as volunteers, our skills and how to get the best to this experience.

To sum up, our expectations are very positive about this experience which it has already started!


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