27 novembro 2016

O testemunho da Agata

A year ago, during my first month as an EVS volunteer at Spin, I was still getting used to my new life in Lisbon. Exploring the city, getting to know other volunteers and my flatmates, trying to communicate in Portuguese in shops, figuring out my new way of living and new habits. Even though Lisbon was my love at first sight, not everything was very easy at the beginning. Nevertheless, I knew that I had been given an amazing opportunity. I had a chance to spend 9 months in Lisbon, which was my dream and it would be an enormous waste not to use this time in the best possible way. Step by step, I was discovering what makes me happy, where and with whom I like to spend my time and quite soon I started to feel that I am exactly where I was supposed to be. At home. :)

The voluntary work at Spin allowed me to try new things, acquire new skills, meet even more people from all over the world, who were participating in youth exchanges and summer camps. When I got more responsibilities and had to help with organizing some of the Spin's activities, like Live it Lisbon! Summer Volunteer Camp or Make it Happen! Youth Exchange, it reminded me of what I used to be good at and it gave me an idea of what I would like to try as my career in the next few years. We'll see if it works out!
It also turned out that I really enjoy having many flatmates and now I know that when you find the right ones you can create a unique kind of community, not only spending great time together but also supporting each other and knowing when to give each other space. Now it would be very difficult for me to live alone again.

My EVS experience helped me to open up, meet many interesting, unforgettable people coming from different countries and different cultures and learn from them. It taught me that there are many ways of living your life and the biggest challenge is to step on the path that you feel is right for you, even if it doesn't match expectations and ideas of others. It was also a great chance to discover Portugal and I took it, however I still want to see more of it. :)

I saw that living abroad is not that scary and it gave me courage to look for some other opportunities outside of Poland. Right now I'm doing a traineeship in Barcelona and I keep my mind open for what may come next. My EVS was 9 months of intense, unintended and inevitable self-development, for which I am the most grateful. :) And I didn't give up, I'm still studying Portuguese! ;) Obrigada Spin, obrigada Lisboa! Até breve!

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