15 fevereiro 2018

O testemunho da Katarzyna

It was a big step. Big step for me. New country, new people, new reality. 
I have been visiting other countries few times, but never for so long. Never for 7 months. 
Lisboa was somewhere in my head. Yellow trams, Ocean, narrow streets… All of this I saw many times somewhere in the Internet, books, magazines, TV. But this time I was about to see it on my own eyes. 
Two years ago I have decided I will take part in EVS program. It happened just after my first Youth Exchange in Romania (EU program), where I found that something like EVS exist. I felt there huge energy coming from this mish mash of cultures, people, ideas. Maybe it is possible to change my life? To make my dream come true? 
First step: I have changed my job and start working abroad while applying for EVS. However, not every EVS, not everywhere. Only the ones, that I felt connection with. In some I was rejected, in some didn’t even got an answer. And then BINGO! I got accepted in SPIN in Lisbon! Brilliant! 
1st September 2016 I was sitting on the plane to Lisbon. For 9 months project. The adventure have just begun. It was exciting and fantastic and also nervous at the same time. Didn’t know what to expect. I was on the plane to Lisbon, and when we’ve reached the city, the captain said: “Ladies and Gentleman, we have to fly to Porto, cause there are technical issues at the airport.” Nice start I thought. I will see two cities on one way! 
What did the project give me? 
Self confidence, space for me, time, time to think, to figure myself out, friends, new culture, laughter, homesick, possibility to appreciate your own country, understanding how important your family and friends are in your life. But also huge vest of opportunities to try new things: playing Frisbee in a team, cooking for 12 people Polish dishes, to handle with winter without radiator at home ;), to speak Portuguese (even knowing only with words), to drive a car in a foreign country, to hitchhike, to date foreigners, to speak more often foreign languages than mother tongue, to eat tuna!, to eat pumpkin soup almost every day, to perform in front of students and speaking there Portuguese and English, to write letters with fountain pen all night, to live in a tenement house with 7 people from all over the world and see how different and the same we are, to sing karaoke in the kitchen in languages I don’t know. 
My mindset was broaden and I knew If I want to fulfill my dreams, I need to take actions. So I did. And I am doing it and will be doing. I figure out that I want to work as a tour operator representative abroad so I send my CV with my new gained experience as volunteer at SPIN in Portugal. And you now what? I have got that job!!! :D 
Everything happened for something. One step is making another. So have the courage to take the very first step. Not once, not twice, but even hundred times. 

Every time while you are taking the very first step, the whole universe is opening new doors for you! As it opened for me ☺

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