15 maio 2018

O testemunho do Dario

"Hi Dario, In 3 days, everything changes! The selected volunteer will not be able to join us and you were on the top of the waiting list, so you are now selected to Join Viver Telheiras' EVS Project. Congratulations!". 

With these words my EVS started. It was February 15th when I received this mail from Spin Association. I was so overwhelmed with emotions, that it took me a couple of hours to realize I had only two weeks to organize the whole trip. I arrived in Lisbon on the 1st of March after the worst plane trip of my life due to bad weather. But as after every storm the good weather returns with sunshine (though this time it’s just inside me; 4 weeks of rain are waiting for me in Lisbon). Bad weather has marked the first weeks of my EVS, but I have to say that a few sunny days were enough to fall in love with this city. In a caption of a picture I posted on Instagram I compared Lisbon to a blooming ivy that climbs lightly on its seven hills. Lisbon is hot. Despite the rain it immediately speaks to you. Like all cities, it’s lively: it spies on you from the half-open windows, it greets you through the eyes of passersby, it invites you to get lost in every corner.

I started working two weeks after my arrival. Maybe it was better this way. In the two free weeks I had the opportunity to explore the city, settle in, meet many people outside and inside the association. At work I met my tutor, Luis. He is a 31-year-old who turned out to be more than just a business colleague. He introduced me to the local partners of Telheiras (the neighborhood where I work) and he presented me the projects that the association carries out and to which I could join. 
It's only been a month since my arrival, but I feel like I'm already part of a solid team. I like my job; the week is marked by administrative work in the office and practical activities such as the “refood project” (to avoid food waste inside the big supermarket chains) and the “plastic project” (to reduce pollution and to educate citizens about separate recycling). In the meantime, the preparations for the famous Telheiras festival have begun. It takes place from the 11th to the 19th of May, and it will be an honor to participate.

I know that this is only the beginning of my adventure, but I consider myself very fortunate to have chosen this EVS. For now, I would say that’s all, but I’m sure that many surprises and opportunities are waiting for me in this adventure.

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