14 maio 2018

Lost and Found - Szandra

You know about those boxes all over the world, which are full of lost goodies waiting for their loitering lazy-ass-owners to pick them up again? Yeah, those. Well I kind of felt like I’m in one of those boxes waiting aimlessly for some mythical phenomena to occur.

And it did.

Portugal not just grabbed me out of the box, but kicked that cardboard real hard, pushing me right into the hearth of Lisbon. And that intensely pumping heart can easily devour one who’s daring enough take an extra step forward and explore. 

My EVS began on the 1st of March. You hear a lot, that Portugal is a sunny, and hot country. Well, it was rainy as hell in my first month, but the Sun was there… Behind the smiles of people, behind the windows of the old, living houses of narrow streets. Sunshine escaping from all over, directly to YOUR hearth. 

It is beautiful.

And enormous joy. There is life in every single small corner. You can have as much fun as you want, and even more, in amounts you would have never expected.  Meeting new people from all over the world and getting to know their brimming own individual universes, and ways of perspective is the most priceless thing. You hear the expression cultural diversity a lot. But here you understand it, and get immersed in it, with a never ceasing eagerness to delve into it even more and more. 

You will be immensely conscious about so many things, you might not even have heard about before. Because among all this fun, and beauty there is also purpose. You will learn, you will develop, you will teach and you will help, while being helped. This what EVS is about. 

For me. 

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