15 maio 2018

O testemunho da Renata

Fear, expectation, happiness and many more emotions are what invaded my body when I received the email confirming that my life was going to change a lot. Before continuing, I will introduce myself. My name is Renata, I'm 22 years old and I live in Elche, a beautiful city in Spain.

2 months ago I arrived in Lisbon to do my EVS in Crescer a Cores. There, I am in the care of 8 small babies between 4 months to 1 year. To the ones that now I call "my babies." Lisbon has made me meet incredible people from the first moment, people that probably never would have known had it not been for an experience like this. Starting from the first day for the first person I met on arrival who went to pick me up at the airport and accompany me to my new home. Then he left me in my room and introduced me to my roommate. At that time I did not know that she would become a great support for me.

At the Spin’s welcome dinner I met the other volunteers who would start this adventure with me on the same project and also the people who work and make it possible for us to be here. And in this time, I've realized that all the people who are related in any way to the Spin association are wonderful. In EVS you also have a mentor, and in addition to having your own, the interaction with other mentors is great.

In my first weeks I met people of more nationalities than in my entire life. And I started to know my new city, but to know it thoroughly, "intense tourism" I call it, visiting hospitals and seeing another face of Lisbon. But taking all the situations with humour I tell everyone that if I am going to live a year here I have to know everything EVERYTHING. It was time to really get to know Lisbon and get into its streets, its people, its cultures, and I have personally entered into its food, what a wonder! And I tell you a secret ... in Lisbon the kilos you gain are not so many because there are so many stairs and hills so you lose everything ;)

Since I arrived on March 1, it was raining non-stop for a month, but now the sun that characterizes this city is appearing and I had to go to the On arrival Training at Viseu and learn a little more about Portugal. Hilarious activities, wonderful people of different nationalities volunteering in different places of Portugal and a beautiful city like Viseu have left a great memory forever and gave meaning to the word "saudade".

I thank my friend "El Sevi" for sharing the application for this project with me one day.
I am improving my English, learning Portuguese, discovering Lisbon every day, meeting incredible people but above all knowing myself.

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