19 julho 2019

Niki’s testimony No.2

t’s already 4,5months. Exactly half of the project. Time flies so fast. When I’m thinking about it, I still feel, we are just in the beginning. Actually, before, at home, 9 months looked like a long time and now it’s opposite. I feel like, it’s not enough time for everything.

But, at least we are trying! We are traveling, visiting new places, enjoying time with our new friends, meeting even more amazing and interesting people, trying new food, new hobbies, and gaining a lot of new skills…

It seems to me that we live in a bubble, but, I have to say, I don’t mind at all. I found people in whose company I feel good, whether at home or at work. The only sad moment is when some of them leave. It has already happened. And we will leave also, but it’s not our time yet! 🙂 Now is the time to look forward to more experiences and trips. We go to Madeira, to the Azores, to Spain, we have a lot of fun, we spend evenings by the river with a bottle of wine and we talk a lot. About everything. About life, about love, about joy or problems.  After 4,5 months I feel, like I know some of my new friends few years.

At work I spend time with almost the same people. We mostly work in the office or in the hostel. I can say that at 80% I do exactly what I enjoy – graphics, social media, new blog, articles … and other things such as a summer project cooking workshop … at least I know how to prepare my favorite Slovak food now :D.

So, I still think it was a good choice to come to Portugal and to this project. Many things are very good here, many no, but at least now I appreciate more things in my country. And that’s also very important. And I also appreciate every single Slovak or Czech person I meet here, because I miss my language a lot. Unfortunately, I can count them on the fingers of one hand 😀 Let’s see what time will bring next months.

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