15 abril 2020

O testemunho da Elena No. 2 (Crescer a Cores)

Six months have passed since the beginning of this experience here in Lisbon. Nobody would have expected us to stop our activities and our daily lives because of a bad virus that forced the world to stop. Until the start of the lockdown, my spirit of adaptation within the kindergarten was giving results little by little, the language was beginning to be familiar and the relationship with workmates and children got closer and more confidential. One of the most beautiful moments was celebrating the Carnival, we dressed up colorfully, we had sung and danced taking advantage of the beautiful sun. The children weren’t the only ones having fun!

Moreover, we should have performed with the choir, made up by some children and neighborhood families in mid-March, but everything was postponed. It would had been a good integration idea to take part in sing rehearsals every Thursday.

The discovery had been compelling from the start, it had taken me to visit the Azores Islands, the Algarve and small towns in the North, as well as Lisbon itself. I have become a fan of museums on Sunday afternoons and visits outside the city.
In a short time all this has been transformed, leading to a new form of adaptation, the home isolation. It was not easy especially having my family in Italy, one of the most infected areas, but slowly I had adapting to a not only physical space but above all mental, that sees me closed inside a situation to manage and allowing me to have contacts only through the Wi-Fi connection. We don't know when it will be over. We just have to wait and hope, being aware that our approach to the World will be different. In this period of quarantine life has been reduced, a bit of workout in the living room, moments of sharing with other roommates such as films, lunches or dinners and reduced outings just to go shopping. Ideas for creating workshops and activities are not lacking, we started a photography course to deepen the skills thanks to the help of Angel, who with his computer skills, also decided to collaborate with me, Viviana and Lara to realize some video-works for the respective projects.

The days pass and we try to remain positive and optimistic, waiting for returning to our normal live, a thought goes every day to the kindergarten children hoping to see them again soon; summer is coming and we are looking forward to relive that Lisbon full of colors and lights.

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