24 novembro 2020

O testemunho no 1. da Melissa (JFC - Culture)

I am Melissa, a 23 year old German girl and as of November 2020 officially one of the lucky volunteers in Lisbon!

I already lived in Lisbon in 2018/2019 and I completely fell in love with the city. For me, taking part in a volunteering program was a way of giving back to the city and the community that brought so much joy to me.

I arrived one week before the first meeting with the other (lovely!) volunteers and staff, and so I had some time to see old friends again, visit my favourite spots of downtown Lisbon and most of all: enjoy the view! Of course I noticed that the streets looked emptier than before, because the ongoing pandemic keeps tourists stuck in their home countries. However, the bright atmosphere of the city still gets me every time.

After moving in to my flat and starting to feel home again, Spin hosted the welcoming day at their office! Together with the other volunteers, we shared an absolutely delicious vegan meal prepared by Spin, shared our ideas and expectations, and challenged each other in a team rally around the neighbourhood of Bairro Padre Cruz. Giulia provided us with all the information we could have needed and all in all I really enjoyed this warm hearted welcome at Spin!

On Wednesday, 11th of November, I had my first day of work at Biblioteca Natália Correia. Giulia met me at the entrance of the library to introduce me to my new colleagues. We were welcomed by Rosário Cotrim, my new boss which whom we would go on to share a nice talk and many laughs. After she showed us around in the library, I decided to stay until closing time to spend my first day at the library. Due to the pandemic, the library is only open to the public for three and a half hours per day and social projects are mostly on hold. Nevertheless, I really enjoy going to work everyday, to share thoughts, many many laughters and my first Portuguese sentences with my colleagues.

After roughly two weeks into this new life, I can say that I am looking forward more than ever to the upcoming months. To everything that me and my team at work will achieve and to every drink shared over a good view with my new volunteer friends!


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