25 novembro 2020

O testemunho No. 2 da Polina (SPEAK)


Hello, everyone! 

I wanted to tell you about my summer in Lisbon. It feels like it’s still summer even though it’s November. My summer was very hot and full of different events. I had a chance to travel a bit in Portugal, which was amazing. I visited Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro, Porto, and Coimbra. One time we went to Porto for he weekend with other volunteers and had a lot of fun.

I also got a lot of new interesting tasks at SPEAK. I helped with Portuguese lessons for minor refugees. It was the first time in my life I worked in Red Cross and I had a lot of fun during Portuguese sessions. Children were very friendly and respectful, interested in Portuguese and happy to see new people. 

I was also been given more responsibilities in SPEAK. Now I make a training for new ambassadors and it’s a very nice tasks to meet new people, motivate them and be closer to the community. 


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