02 novembro 2020

O testemunho No. 3 da Valentina (Viver Telheiras)


October gave me a lot of reflection time. Having just celebrated the end of our mini festival Telheiras em Movimento, dedicated to the promotion of sustainability in our neighbourhood, with guided bike rides, expositions, open air movie screenings, debates, a flea market and various artistic events and displays, the beginning of the month came with the realisation that I will soon leave Lisbon, my project and my friends behind. 

In the months since my last update, I have started helping in a food waste reduction cooperative, designed posts for our Instagram account (@vivertelheiras), participated in working meetings in preparation of our festival and learned more about sustainable urban projects through webinars facilitated by the Municipalities in Transition Network.

Having lived a year in Lisbon, I feel grateful for all the experiences I've had, the people it brought into my life and the ways in which I've been changed. Learning you are able to build a life elsewhere (navigate different administrative, health, housing systems, improving your Portuguese language skills and being immersed into various working environments) is gratifying. I continue to feel thankful to the people of Viver Telheiras and Parceria Local de Telheiras for having welcomed me so warmly and given me this many opportunities to learn and get involved. I will continue to follow their work from afar, and hope to reunite some time in the future.

Este tempo fortaleceu-me, rodeou-me de pessoas boas e cheias de vida e sabedoria, deu nuancas aos meus conhecimentos, encheu-me de duvidas e da certeza que conheco menos do que pensava. Que e sempre bom relembrar. Ate aproxima! 

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