02 dezembro 2020

O testemunho no. 1 da Perrine (Crescer a Cores)


Hi, my name is Perrine I am from a little town in France right next to the german border and i will be volunteering in Crescer a Cores this year. I left France on the first of november just a few days after the beginning of the second national lockdown wich is kind of a weird feeling but I am happy to be here and curious about this year! Arriving in my new home I was welcomed by my new flatmates Clara and Angela from Italy and Polina from Russia. I rested a bit because I arrived pretty early in the moring and afterwards we walked a bit around our neighbourhood and went for a drink with other volunteers in the city center. Back in the apparment we met our new flatmaye Lucia from Italy.

After this first long and nice day I taught I will directly begin to work the day after wich wasn't the case and a nice surprise. We had a few days to discover the city and settle down in our new home.

Clara, Lucia and I explored the different neighbourhood as Alfama, Bica, Bairro Alto, Baixa etc.

We walked a lot, enjoyed the sunny days, took the old Tram and I tried my first pastei de Nata. 

The first impression of the city was lovely, I really like the architecture, the feeling you have while walking trough the little streets and of course the weather! I am pretty sure I will fall in love with this city.

After some days of exploring the city we had our welcome day at the Spin's office where we met the other new volunteers. We had a delicious vegan lunch, got all the needed information from Giulia and could explore a little the neigbourhood of Bairro Padre Cruz where I will work. 

After the weekend I had to take a Covid test in order to begin to work, the test came out negative and i could get to work at the creche! In the first days I met my coworkers and the kids, tried to get a picture of where I will work the next year and wich tasks I will have. The atmosphere at work is nice and I am getting into it step by step, for now I enjoy working with the children and I am curious of whats gonna come my way the next months!

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