08 novembro 2023

O testemunho no. 1 da Weronika (Spin)


Moving to Portugal has always been my dream. I really wanted to get to know the Portuguese slow life, learn about the culture, the language and learn to surf. This week  was my first week od my Portugal life and i can say it has been an incredible adventure. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the charm and beauty of this country. The people are warm and welcoming, and there's a certain sense of tranquility that fills in everyday life.

The breathtaking landscapes, from the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley to the stunning beaches of the Algarve, have left me in awe. The food is an absolute delight; I can't get enough of the world-famous Portuguese custard tarts, pastéis de nata.

Exploring the historic streets of Lisbon has been like stepping back in time, and I'm constantly discovering new hidden gems around every corner. The architecture, with its intricate tiles and colorful facades, adds a unique character to the cities.

But what has impressed me the most is the strong sense of community and the rich cultural traditions. The Portuguese people know how to celebrate life.

I've only just begun my journey here, and I can already say that Portugal has a special place in my heart. It's a place where old-world charm meets modern living, and I'm excited to continue embracing all that this beautiful country has to offer. See you around 😁


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