12 junho 2018

O testemunho da Kateřina

Even though in the time of writing this testimony I still have two more months to go, it already makes me feel nostalgic. My experience in Spin was so far simply great. I am mentioning the word “simply” on purpose. To be honest, it is not that easy to describe my whole world here. In these 7 months, there were (and still are) unforgettable things happening almost everyday, I have experienced many things for the first time, I fell madly in love with Lisbon, I am surrounded by inspiring people which of course are making at least half of this whole experience and then Spin, our office, our team, our hostel and our neighborhood of Bairro Padre Cruz. 

Right now the biggest part of my EVS life is dedicated to my personal project. I have decided to write 2 Erasmus+ proposals with my colleague Maria, another EVS volunteer. The first one is a Youth Exchange on the topic of municipal waste which will be applied back in the Czech Republic and the second one is a Training Course about non-violent communication which will take place in Cyprus. I have to admit it is not always an enjoyable fun thing to do, we have spent many hours sitting, writing, brainstorming, being depressed, being excited and luckily being inspired as well. Even though we have written many pages already, there are many pages left. We are coming with new ideas every day, we are really trying to make it as good as possible. We really care about these two projects and we even call them our babies. :D Soo wish us luck with applying! And in 2 months, see you at my final EVS report!

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