28 junho 2018

SEED Journal

The first phase of the SEED - Sustainable Empowerment through Experiencing Diversity has come to an end. Read below a few words directly from the participants in the event!

June, 22nd:
This morning, we got up early because it was a bit noisy. We were tired because of the long way to Lisbon. We have breakfast together with the Portuguese and have taken together some things in the Hostel. We can`t get out alone, only in break we went out in the streets of Lisbon.

We liked the nature, the modest area. Everything was already the weather and many different things. Then we came back and ate for lunch (it consisted of: turbo soup, noodle with sauce, for dessert there was melon) then we did something together again; Rescheduled and some things explained then we are back out and were in a small supermarket. We liked it today. Now the others prepare the dinner while we write the diary. Today was cool and tomorrow will be even better and more beautiful. We wish us nice weather and good mood. :)

June, 23rd:
Today we woke up, took a shower and after that we dressed up. We had breakfast and then we made 5 groups which had to search for paper notes on which were written tasks. As we made all the tasks, the teachers collected the notes and read them out loud to everybody. Later we had a small exercise where there was one person in the middle and all the others had to split up and run away from him. After he catches somebody he needs to take his hand and then walk together with him to catch the remaining people. Then it was time for Lunch. We ate salada russa, it´s a Russian salad.

After lunch we made groups again and every group received an apple and an egg. The apple needed to be traded to something else that’s worth more and the egg should be returned cooked. The catch was that everything should be done outside the hostel, we asked strangers to trade with us and cook the egg for us. At 16:30 we met at the local school and went together to the Arraial Festival close by. Some people played soccer and some listened to the music. Then we returned to the hostel and everyone got asked how they feel and tell something about how the trip is going so far. Then it was dinner time, we ate chili con carne and baba ganoush. In the evening we watched the soccer match between Germany and Sweden.

June, 24th:
Dear Diary,
today we went to the Museu da Eletrecidade. We learned a lot about technology. It was interesting. 

After that we went to a park and had a picknick where we ate pastel de belém. It was very delicious. We had some free time and looked around the beautiful city and played games.

June, 25th:
Dear Diary,
today we had a workshop where we played games and spoke about cyberbullying. We learned that social media is a big place where bullying is happening. 

When lunch was finished we went to association “Bola p´ra frente”. There we upcycled trash to keychains and watched videos about 5 min. hacks. Then we went home.

Later, we will have German intercultural night.

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