07 junho 2018

O testemunho da Maria

So how is EVS life when the excitement of the beginning has passed and the sentimentality of the end still hasn’t kicked in? Pretty awesome! 

Further away from the awkwardness of the beginning, I feel that I’m part of the city, I started recognizing people in the street, I know which shop sells the most fresh fruit, I know what’s the fastest route to reach a place, I know that it’s a bad idea to take the tram 28 if you don’t want to suffocate and most importantly, I stopped identifying with the visitors of the city. 

I have seen different faces of Portugal: cities in the north,  overrated villages and underrated towns, sunny parks and cloudy beaches.  

The same goes for my volunteering in Spin. I feel comfortable to work and take initiatives, cooperate with everyone and undertake different tasks. And by different I mean very different. From choosing the participants for our international volunteering project, to publishing on social media, answering to emails, cooking for a hundred people, attend meetings in junta, promote EVS in info sessions, taking care of Spin’s hostel, experimenting with writing a youth exchange and why not… taking photos with the president of the country! 

Seeing so many different sides of a country, a city, of your work, it gives you a great feeling belonging in this reality, as if you had been doing this your whole life. It just feels right. Suddenly, what was at the borders of your comfort zone, now feels as comfortable as a couch with a blanket on a winter day! And it’s the moment when you realise that moving on after this, is way more challenging than it was to start it.
Yea… sentimentality started kicking in.

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