14 novembro 2019

O testemunho da Ana

They say times flies when you are having fun… and I can't believe it has already been a month since I arrived in Lisbon!

Everything started with our first meeting in Spin office, where I met our coordinator Inês and the other volunteers starting in October (Annalise, Tavi, Viviana and Ksenia).

Since then I have met so many volunteers and we have done so many things! We have enjoyed our weekly portuguese lessons, gone to the beach, discovered lots of new places around Lisbon, listened to portuguese bands, celebrated "Dia das Bruxas" and "Magusto", enjoyed some Sagres in Bairro Alto, eaten lots of pasteis de nata, gone to museums, played board games… I am so happy I get to share this experience with such amazing people!

I had been in Lisbon as a tourist before but being able to be an "alfacinha" for a year is making me enjoy it in a very different way! I can't believe how many events and things to do there are in this city every single day!

And last but not least, it is being really nice being part of SPEM (Portuguese Society of Multiple Esclerosis), where my EVS project takes place. Everyone has been so welcoming, especially Cristina and the people I work with.

Everyday in SPEM is different, we do lots of different activities like drawing and painting, making candle holders, baking cakes and cooking pizza, decorating the walls, practicing yoga and reiki, attending language therapy… it is being a very rewarding experience! There hasn't been a day I have gone home without a smile in my face!

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