20 novembro 2019

O testemunho da Elena

Two and a half weeks have passed since I arrived in Lisbon and it seems to be here longer time, but with still many things to discover. 

I can considere these early days like “the phase of adaptation”, in which I knew the other people and the new life that was waiting for me. I found very nice people, especially during the welcome day at the Association, I received clear and useful informations from my coordinator and the other volunteers prepared us an exquisite lunch that we all shared together.

Another equally important and significant moment was to start the project in the kindergarten. The first day me and my colleague Lara, from Italy too, were introduced to the working team and visited the structure, but the day after we immediately started with kids (from 0 to 3 years old).They are very cute and sometimes funny, less when they scream! We mainly help educators for every moment of the day and we are learning Portuguese with them.

The city and surroundings lend themselves to being visited easily thanks to the metro card and we started to see also small towns and landscapes just outside Lisbon, leaving aside the most common destinations in the city center (we will think about them soon).

The most hard part of adaptation was, definitely, to live with other 8 people, sharing the common spaces and organize to respect the timing of others too, but it getting more easier every day, fortunately they are very nice. To conclude I would add that I’m very enthusiastic about what awaits me this year and I am proactive in ensuring that become it unique.

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