20 novembro 2019

O testemunho da Lara (Crescer a Cores)

It's the third week of my EVS project and the only thing that I think is that I made the right choice.  My project takes place in Lisbon, where I will spend twelve months in a kindergarten that works in   close contact with the neighborhood where is located that is going through a revaluation process.

Before arriving here I was submerged by a thousand doubts and fears and even when I arrived these thoughts continued to be there. But it took very little, about a week, for the situation to change completely. First of all, I was welcomed by who work in the association who immediately informed me and the other volunteers of all that is necessary to carry out a project and answered to all our questions. They made us feel at home creating moments of encounter, giving us the opportunity to compare ourselves with other volunteers and being available even just to talk.

Then I started working in kindergarten, where the teachers welcomed me and my partner in this project from day one making themselves available, clarifying all doubts and giving us some advice every day. They explained how a day at the kindergarten works, the children's routine and together with our attitudes we decided which tasks to start with. We met the children and from the first day we started to build a relationship with them. I try to observe as much as possible, ask questions to educators and improve my performance. I am happy with this and I really hope that there will be new discoveries.

Meanwhile i am getting to know Lisbon day by day and I am completely enthusiastic about it. I reserve the weekend to get around the city, but in everyday life it is enough to turn a corner and discover something new.

About the language, a portuguese course is available for volunteers, but obviously to speed up learning you need to do it by yourself but I hope I can do it in a few months. Thanks to the association that puts the volunteers in contact, I'm getting to know new people and little by little I'm creating my own group and this is one of the most beautiful things, getting to know other people and having the chance to confront each other. We go out together, have fun, go to museums or simply meet at home after work and have dinner together. For the moment I am very satisfied with my choice to undertake this adventure, I am motivated and I hope that this experience gives me so much more.

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