14 novembro 2019

O testemunho do Angel

It's always interesting to change you're life completely to start a new chapter in it. I was a little bit afraid of being alone, but since the first day I arrived, I felt covered by people, also volunteers. Also in the Spin Association and Boutique Da Cultura the first they I went with them.

The first day I was in Boutique was perfect, they were like a family and they have this atmosphere there. I know I was new there and in that moment I wasn't part of them, but they accepted me very well. Even having to speak other language without many idea, but they have been patient and that has helped me a lot to learn from them and now I can hold one conversation! People here who doesn't know me are like: wow, your Portuguese it's really good for your 2 months here!

For the creativity, it's always the best option to stay in this kind of atmospheres because a good, familiar, with kind people, helps to develop more this. I find it perfect because I want to grow as a person and as an artist, because I'm surrounded by art and artist with good heart. I really feel so lucky to be there with them, sometimes I don't realize where I am because it's so perfect. I want and for sure, I will learn a lot for this year.

People, experiences, the atmosphere, everything is new for me and I think that I can take advantage of everything to reach my goal. This year here starts in a good way, I really want to see how does it continue!

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