29 setembro 2020

O testemunho do Tavi No. 3 (Associação Spin)


Hey! I’m Tavi, a 23 year old guy from Romania. For the past 12 months I’ve been working as a volunteer at the Spin office.

I will keep it short and sweet since I’ve been the one publishing testimonies during the last months so I feel I’ve read everything there is to read about volunteering experiences.

I think the almost all the clichés about  European volunteering apply to me. I will sound like a paid advertisement for ESC but I really developed my skills, became more independent, put more my ideas into practice etc. The only thing I didn’t improve in this project is my English. I think it’s worse now.

Working there is different for each volunteer but I’ve been lucky enough to do mostly things I like (drawing on the Spin hostel wall, making illustrations, editing videos and interviews).

Here are some highlights of my time in Portugal:

-random live music and dancing at miradoros where lots of hippies just come together

-going to museums not because I like them, but just to check them off the list

-absolutely insane huge waves compared to the tiny black sea ones

-house parties that inevitably get interrupted by the police

-discovering a million types of vegan food I never wanted to know

-hanging out with everyone on the weekend at the beach

I couldn’t have asked for more. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and to all my friends here who have made this experience unforgettable, even during a pandemic.

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