09 setembro 2020

O testemunho do Nabil No. 1 (Bola p’ra Frente)

Hi my name’s Nabil from Morocco, finally in Lisbon (one-month ago) to start my volunteering project at Bola p’ra Frente. I was all set to come and start my project on march 1th, but then my flight was canceled, the borders were closed and the project has been postponed because of COVID 19 pandemic. What a tragedy! Let’s say it was one of the hardest times of my life.  

I believe that in the process of working on your goals and dreams you are going to face a lot of disappointment, failure, pain and setbacks. Then, I tried to overcome this situation by starting of learning Portuguese, improving my English and focus more in my field of expertise.

5 months after, I came to Lisbon which is a wonderful city to live and I started the adventure. Now, I fully recognize that in life everything happens for a reason means I came in the right time :D.

Today, Yes, I’m out of my comfort zone and I have new friends from different countries, different cultures and backgrounds and that’s where the growth is.

My first weeks at work allowed me to see how much important the role and actions of Bola p’ra frente in the daily life of Bairro Padre Cruz inhabitants whatever they are kids, teenagers or old people.  I’m overjoyed of taking this challenge and being a part of such a big family, I sincerely hope to give an add value and make a real and positive impact to this community. 

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