23 novembro 2021

O testemunho No. 1 da Kristina (SPIN)


Hey everyone,

I came from Ukraine 3 weeks ago, and now I’m enjoying Lisbon. First of all, it’s very nice to run away from cold weather and explore the city and a new life under the shining sun. But as it’s not my first time here, I stay more at home working on my project. Or maybe I am just that type of indoor person, because last time I also didn’t explore much, hoping that I’d have more time in Summer, but COVID started, and I had to leave. *So, friendly advice, try to see as much as you can on the first days! 

Preparations to come here took really much time. I’ve waited for my contract for more than a month, and I was afraid that it wouldn’t happen. But everything went out perfectly, and I’m here, without a visa, but it’s also in the process now, so let’s hope.

As well, I was afraid of living with another person in the same room, but she moved the next day I came And now I’m living alone and going to switch houses because I find a better one.
But let’s forget about non-pleasant and unstable stuff and move to good ones.  

People here are amazing!!! All volunteers I’ve met are so friendly and always ready to help in whatever situations. I even meet my "Estonian cousin" Teele, who lives in the next apartment and appeared to have relatives in Ukraine. Every week we have at least one social event to get together to discuss our lives and just have fun. My project coordinators as well do their best job explaining our tasks, trying to help us achieve our goals, and just being our psychologist at some points And as I moved to Portugal for these 9 months let’s talk more about my perception of people, their mindset, infrastructure, and all differences. 

Firstly, I still can’t get used to two kisses every time you meet someone. I do like it, but just it’s so unusual for me. The thing that I like the most here is cutie pink houses, as it is my fav color I’m always super excited when I see them and here I see them a lot, so they help me be positive all the time. But the thing that I hate about houses here is that they don’t have a central heating system here and despite great weather outside it’s freaking cold inside And I think that’s all for my first testimony, that was my most powerful impression of these days.

See you soon, kisses!

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