01 setembro 2022

O testemunho final do Ertuğrul (SPEAK)


Yes, my friends, time flies. I still remember the first days of my arrival. Getting used to the city, to the people, my project etc. Now I feel like I am the oldest, most experienced. Most of the people left the city already. Already missed some of them. People come and go, memories stay. I got a bit nostalgic right now. I was looking at the photos. Many people, many faces, many smiles, many places. Like I told you before, many of them left already but I stayed with some of them. 

After my second testimony, let me tell you what happened, Me and my colleagues went to the Porto for Sao Jorge event. We had a really amazing party there. City was really beautiful even though I could see the city but no worries I will see it later. Everyone had a plastic hammer hitting each other's head and making these annoying sounds. I felt like people would get angry but everyone was cool about it. We had a really long party outside. Went to some concerts and after that we watched a firework show. Later we went to a club and they were playing Turkish music which I really liked. Later in Porto we went to the Douro region. We had a really good time there. Our Airbnb was amazing. We had a really nice dinner. Went for a Porto tasting. I really liked some of them. It was a really nice trip, I really enjoyed every second of it. 

About my project I was leading an English Conversational session and I finished it. It was really good. I had 5 participants from different countries. I am also still hosting weekly events in Almada. In summer our project is more chill. I had good numbers in Almada. Opened 4 groups and led many events, and Since it is summer we enjoy most of our time at the beach. I also learned how to swim in Portugal. I really like swimming and staying inside the water, Later some of my colleagues left and also most of my volunteer friends left already. We had goodbye parties and a lot of emotions. I will really miss them but I am also sure that I will see them in the future. They are all amazing people and I feel really lucky to have friends like them. 

So about me, I celebrated my birthday almost 10 days ago. Since many people left we couldn’t have a big party but still some of my friends joined and also many people wished me happy birthday. So It was a really nice birthday. Usually I am not used to celebrating it, I will continue staying in Portugal. It will be challenging but let's see, I still can’t believe I finished this amazing story. In this period I would like to thank everyone that I met. I never had a bad experience and everyone was amazing to me. I felt so lucky. I was looking at the photos to put it here but can’t decide what to choose. I have many, countless memories with many special people. I could put 100 photos if I had the chance.
Anyways this time i don’t want to say goodbye. I want to say thank you, Thank you for being with me in my story in Portugal

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