08 abril 2013

Grundtvig Training course: LINK UP !

The training analyzes the two-way relationship between environment and human beings seen as mutually reinforcing components of a global sustainable development.
The key-concept of the course is to “link up” ecology to urban development, social justice to economic growth,  environmental protection to fundamental freedom, nature to global society.
Let’s link up Ecology to Human rights to find out a new sustainable development!

LINK UP! is officially recognized by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. 
The EU LLP Grundtvig grant will cover all the expenses: lodging, board, training and travel costs. Apply now! (grants not available for Portuguese)

Find out more info in the course presentation. 
Send us the pre-registration form to intercambios.spin@gmail.com 

Deadline for registration: 26th April 2013

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