30 julho 2018

O testemunho da Camilla

My EVS experience is almost over and so is my time in Lisbon spent with the people that gave shape to these 10 months of my life. Besides being grateful, I can say am surprised. Surprised is the adjective that better explains the impact this life experience had on me.
I am surprised about the fact that 10 months in Lisbon have gone by so smoothly and thoughtlessly, I never imagined I would feel completely at ease.
I am surprised about the people I met, after many different experiences abroad you think you’ve seen it all but no, there is always more uniqueness to discover in the world.
I am surprised about the enthusiasm I felt all along, I would have expected myself to lose interest in my daily routine in Spin but it didn’t happen, thanks to the people that surrounded me, thanks to my hosting organization that pushed me beyond limits I wasn’t even aware of.

I am surprised I managed to create and carry out my personal project in Spin by giving Portuguese classes to volunteers and project participants reviving my interest in language teaching and, who knows, maybe opening a new window of possibilities for my future.

I am surprised about the changes I went through as a person. Lisbon and the EVS made me discover so much about myself, and this is essentially what this experience is about. 
EVS gave me many of the opportunities I was looking for even though at the beginning I had no idea these chances to change and be surprised were exactly what I needed.

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