20 agosto 2018

O testemunho do Sébastien

After 11 months it’s time to make the bilan of my EVS. 

In september when I arrived in Lisbon I didn’t know what will really happen to me. I had learn I was selected to the EVS in Lisbon 10 days before to come. I left France quickly and everythings were going faster. It was the first time I will leave in an other country.  I knew nobody in Lisbon, I didn’t speak any Portuguese words and my English was bad. It was a year rich of emotions. I met many news persons and share a lot of cool moments with them. I hope to stay in contact with some of them. I will try to come back in Lisbon in few months to visit them. 

 I also created a new daily life. I restart to play football often during this year, I discover surf and spend a lot of time to different nice place in my district or in the city in general. I visited  many museums and monuments. I discover the portuguese culture. I took part of many events. 

Lisbon is a wonderfull city. So beautifull, with a particular soul and a rich history. Portuguese people are very nice, kind, simple and welcoming. I loved the sweetness of life. 
I felt me well in Lisbon and I realise my adaptabily in a different context. I know me better and I think I learn a lot personaly. 
It was also very interesting to participate to the project of Boutique Da Cultura. Open the “Livraria Solidaria de Carnide” was a very good experience profesionaly and humanly. I worked with my partner José, a volunteer from Spain, and we were included in a large team. The result of our work is fantastic and we share this experience all together. 

At the end I’m very happy to have participated to this EVS. 
I’m proud of all things that I realise from september until now. I’m a little bit desapointed to finish this adventure but every good thing have a end. Mine is now and I have news projects to realise in an other country and I’m impatient to do it. 

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