19 março 2019

O testimunho da Nikoleta

Hi, I´m Niki, and I´m from small town in the south of Slovakia. I´m doing my 9 months ESC project at SPIN from first of March 2019.

But how this all happened?

In my third year of University my roommate showed me projects and some Slovak asociations with words: “Look, I’ve never tried this, but it looks cool, this is a great option – we can go, learn a lot and travel all around a Europe and it is almost for free.” I was almost sure, it’s not true, that couldn’t be real. 

Why someone offers to young people chance to travel around the Europe almost for free?
Yes, of course I skipped this option. Maybe I was too scared, maybe too lazy and I felt so good in my bubble. Safe one. You all know this feeling. You wake up every morning same bed, same food, same people around you, same school, after school gym, friends, family, just regular life.You know what to expect. Every single morning. Yes, for some of you it is scary. Now, I feel the same, but it was hard to change this stereotype.

I don't know exactly what happened me to, but one day after my bachelor degree I woke up and decided to move for few months to Netherland. We worked there hard in meet factory and I was sure, this is not what I want. This experience changed me a lot and my master degree was totally different... I was on my first Erasmus + youth exchange project, moved to Prague, did my Erasmus, my internship and travelled a lot – thanks to the person who supported me and always stayed by my side. Then one day, after my studies I found nice job in Prague, with amazing people around, but I still missed something. I missed new challenges, intercultural environment, different traditions, traveling…

And that was the reason why I decided to find ESC. Yes, I had some favorite countries… but Portugal just happened. I was searching more than 1 year, and I really wanted to work in position connected with marketing. I love what I studied, and I was also working on this position. And than I found this project – work for SPIN – marketing, graphic design, propagation, project coordination… I was sure. YES! It is this one!

Leaving Prague was a difficult moment in my life. I have been talking about this step for many months. My family thought it is just my crazy dreaming, I am so glad it wasn’t!

I felt positive energy and friendly environment from first contact – Skype interview with Ines, and this feelings are still the same, maybe even deeper. 

I came here only few weeks ago, and Lisbon is for next 9 months my home, volunteers from all around the Europe my family. I live in shared flat with them. Our flat is full of posters, marks, links, pictures from previous volunteers and in the air I feel something what makes me feel at home.

I didn’t know very much about Portugal, about Lisbon or people of Portugal. I´ve never expected that I will live here once. But, now I am here, and I have 9 months to explore all country around, help to Spin with their projects, realize my own ideas, find good friends and find myself. 

Lisbon, here I am, and I am ready for you!

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