19 março 2019

O testimunho da Agnes

Congratulations, you are chosen! Pack and organise your life, your year in Lisbon starts in two weeks.

I love a bit of a challenge.

So I got my health checked, documents renewed, hugged my family and friends, and went to the airport.

For me it made sense for I had a strong feeling that’s what I’m supposed to do. And by that i do not mean that i know exactly what is going to happen or why i need the experience, or in which ways I’m gonna grow, not the slightest. But i had a strong feeling sending my application and it only grew doing the Skype interview, packing my suitcase, the plane landing, meeting with my roomies and planting the first seeds of coriander on our balcony. And with meeting with my co-workers and getting to know the projects more closely it only seems to keep doing that...

Sharing a home with 5 other people was what was making me nervous. As i am the eastern - European with dry dark humour, coming to live together with 4 other people from the middle- and south - Europe. Maybe the others don’t get me, maybe i seem distant, maybe they’r hot blooded temper is too much for me. Now I can tell you that it’s a silly thing to worry about. Of corse conflicts can comes but to worry in advance gives you no experience or skill to deal with the situation, you just have to deal with it as it comes. And I know that it will, and I know we can overcome it when It does. Overall we are all great young people who have come together to volunteer and do good.
And as a sidetone about the flat:  I absolutely recommend to bring a picture of friends, favourite candlestick, small decoration or any kind of other personal belonging to make you feel at home in your new home.

Getting to know the city itself has been surprisingly undemanding. Moving around and up and down the hills of Lisbon feels more like a sweet village than a big city. I got used to it so fast it surprised me. Not to say that I have it as the palm of my hand but the logic is there. And even if you wander off into the wrong direction you are so mesmerised by the sights it doesn’t really bother you. And the people have the best kind of warm presence, they make you feel like you are welcome to wonder around the streets as in your own home. 

I recommend to see the outskirts of the city as well.

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