22 março 2019

O testimunho da Irene

Yes, in a matter of few days my life changed suddenly. I never thought I’d miss my family, my nephew and my friends (also the Italian food!) so much. But I’m here now and I absolutely want to enjoy the experience and every single moment.

 When I received the confirmation e-mail from Inês I asked to myself if I was really ready to start a new life and to leave my “boring” life in Italy. And my answer was “don’t think too much, it’s your time. Goooooo!”. The first person I met upon my arrival was Monika, a Macedonian girl, thanks to whom I arrived safely at Spin’s hostel. There was another volunteer who had arrived before me. As he sat behind the window he seemed very tired but at the same time eager to get to know the rest of the group. He quickly introduced himself as Miguel and we bonded through speaking in Italian and Spanish respectively. No long after coming back from “Continente” we bumped into Kasia and Mathieu, another two new volunteers on the bus, without realising they would be also part of the group. Soon after Agnes arrived and so we were 5!

As we started getting to know each other, Kasia introduced us to“PIGWOWKA”, which sounds like a BIG VODKA and tasted pretty much like it. Who had thought these 4 guys would be my new flatemates?!

Setting the more social aspect of ESC apart,I was looking forward to starting at Associação Salvador, an association that deals with people with disabilities. The first sensation I felt when I arrived at the organisation was that of a mixture of fear and enthusiasm. But my coworkers, make me so comfortable. That’s why I’m sure it will be an amazing experience. For the moment, I’m carrying out interviews to a group of disabled people within Salvador called “Emaixadores”. They represent the association and talk about their story. It is so stimulating for me not only because I love deepening my knowledge on the topic and posing questions  because it is also all in Portuguese.

I don’t know what the future will bring, mas a coisa que quero fazer agora è:

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