20 fevereiro 2020

O testemunho do Tavi No. 2 (Associação Spin)

Writing the testimony is a perfect way to reflect about what I done in those past 5 months in Lisbon.  If you aksed me 5 months ago what I would be doing now, I could have never guessed.  

My main duty at Spin has been video editing and making promotional material. Because of this I got to take part in so many random activities. I never really know my tasks will take me. I got to film birds in the delta with the SPEA volunteers, a neighborhood tour with Erasmus students, highschool presentations on the other side of the river and much more.

Filming has never really been my passion but I got to do so much of it, I kind of enjoy it now.

This whole time spent in Lisbon has been a great chance for me to try out all the things I’ve always wanted but never got the chance todo. I got to do grafitti in abandoned places, do open mic stand-up and I also got to play in improvisation theatre. This may sound cliche but living in Llisbon has really opened a billion doors for me.

The things that matter the most though are the friends that I’ve met here. I was lucky enough to find some people I really got along with. The times I will remember most are all the time spent together going to events, hikes, bars, traveling and just talking about random stupid things.

Writing this makes me feel really grateful for this chance that I have. It also makes me realise that time goes by too fast. Half of my ESC has passed by and there is still so many things I wanna do!

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