16 março 2020

O testemunho da Annalise No. 2 (Associação Spin)

The 6-month mark of my project is fast approaching. What a half-year it's been. It has been an unsettled period for the Spin office, but the unwavering positivity of my lovely colleagues has been extremely motivating. As always, there are plenty of positive things to focus on...

First of all, I'm super grateful to be living in Lisbon. It's a colourful, cobbled, city with diverse neighbourhoods and whose laid-back atmosphere makes it really easy to feel comfortable here. It's not easy to learn the language but it's also never not entertaining trying to communicate in Portuguese with the locals. I love passing by people talking on the street and listening to those strange nasal sounds of the language that I love to imitate.

I'm also grateful for the host of other volunteers I have met here. A definite highlight of my time here was the five days invading a tiny town in the north of Portugal with 50 other ESC volunteers doing their projects all around the country, otherwise known as On-Arrival training (for future/new volunteers: On-Arrival is definitely not something to be missed).

Presumably there are 3 and a half months left of my project here, which is both comforting and alarming. I'm sure that these months will pass extremely quickly and once I move on I'll be left with a big, sad, Lisbon-shaped hole in my heart. So for the moment, I will try to make the most of the rest of my time here!

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