16 março 2020

O testemunho de Angel No. 2 ((Boutique da Cultura)

People say that 6 months pass fast, almost flying, but to be honest, for me this months have been a lot of time and good moments, I'd say that I remember every single day that I have passed here because everyday is different, in feelings, in experiences, in attitude, so they let us know a little bit of ourselves and from the others.

I have liked a lot all this time that I've passed here, because this time has been usefull to learn about tons of things. I've had the opportunity to learn Portuguese to the point that if I need to go out, I don't need to speak English anymore. I've learnt from the local people and how they are from my experience in the volunteering, by my bosses, colleges and the people we are in contact with, they way to be and to act, with me and with the others. Specially, I've learnt a lot from my boss because he's a deep person and I think we share a lot of values. One of the best moments that I can get here is to talk with him because I know that everytalk will be interesting because we both are deep even if we normaly look stupidly funny or like prankers.

My experience with other volunteers has been also really nice. When you're out of your house, you don't know how will it be, but here I feel like we have formed a family beetwen us, with a close relation with most of us. Everyone is different, so that's perfect for learning by each other. I know that if someone needs funny moments, we'll have them, and also relax or support moments. I really like the group we've formed.

In general, I feel like this is gonna finish soon, but I still have to pass a lot of good, sad, beautiful or melancholics moments, because life is like this, but I'm open and ready for them, because this was one of my aims here, to know more about the life, about the people, about feelings, to know more about me.

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