16 março 2020

O testemunho do Katia No. 1 (Associação Spin)


As the international mobility and international crisis might not go so well in hand, the european solidarity corps troops closes its doors and opens its laptops to enter into the phase of teletrabalho. I sit in the dirty streets watching the occasional tourist throwing coins into a bucket attached to a string from some balcony where three rugged musicians are playing fado-punk. (I guess street musicians are technically always doing teletrabalho, if they live on the streets?). In this calamity it is easy to overlook the beauty of the houses of Lisboa, with colourful mosaique tiles uniting to stand out in their identicality. I guess soon many will be full with people, pasta and toilet paper, and others remain empty as the air between the hanging bucket and the street.

I walk towards the green metro line. I think about the difficulty I have of separating utility fromfutility, and I worry about staying in the comfort zones of passivity. As a volunteer I am helping in the preparation for the Live it Lisbon summer school which will bring together people from all over the world for community work, cooking and learning portugese, in addition to all the little gestures that happen when making a group. Stroking her hair behind her ear, stretching an arm out to pat him on the back, shy smiles aimed at the one next to you. Hoping all these gesures will happen, I look out to the underground passing through Roma, the platform almost empty. Since I don’t take so many pictures, I give you this list instead of suggestions of things to do inside your house:

- watch lifehacks videos and try out as much as possible

- write long letters and spray them with desinfectant

- meditate

- learn how to make infographics

- read portugese books

- play solitary

- grow sprouts

- take and old t-shirt and cut it into reusable toilet paper

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