06 agosto 2020

O testemunho do Michele No. 2 (Associação Spin)

Here we are! It’s already passed more than half of my ESC period here in Lisbon. 

In these months a lot of things happened and now it looks like I’m here since more than 5 months.

After the Quarantine (probably the hardest period) I started to discovering and living Lisbon and its beauty. I went several times at the beaches and parks around Lisbon with the others volunteers that I can definitely  call friends, I visited different cities next to Lisbon like Setúbal, Peniche and now I’m planning to visit Porto!

I also had the chance to do an amazing trip with some friends in the south of Portugal (Alentejo and Algarve) discovering beautiful cities, beaches, people and sunsets.

During these months I’m also become closer to Portuguese language (thanks Aurélie for teaching us!), Portuguese kitchen (I could eat forever Pastels de Nata <3) and Portuguese people!

I finally met my Mentor (Inês) a funny and nice girl from Lisbon that is helping me to know better the Portuguese culture.

But the most important thing is that I’m feeling that this experience is helping me a lot to become a better person, I’m growing up day by day dealing with the challenges that I have here and in my life everyday.

After 5 moths of this experience I can definitely say that I took one of the best decision of my life because I’m finally feeling happy.

I’m really happy to find so many beautiful people during this experience, to discovering so many beauty in so many different places and I’m happy to seeing a Michele that is improving himself, no matter if sometimes lose or sometimes win.

In anycase at the end of these 9 months, I think this experience will be consider a victory.

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