17 junho 2021

O testemunho no. 2 da Melissa (JFC - Culture)

Oh how time flies… after almost seven months I cannot even start to describe the great memories I have made. 

Even though the library is still only functioning on a basic level due to the pandemic, my bond with my colleagues has nevertheless gotten so much closer and I still enjoy walking through the door every day! 

On 25 de abril, the national holiday the Junta de Freguesia Carnide organises a concert on wheels and together with a band, my coworkers and a police escort, we drove through the streets of Carnide at night to celebrate the anniversary of the liberation from the dictatorship. I really liked that in this night, I could not only connect more to my coworkers, but also to Portugal’s traditions and history. I already experienced the 25th de abril celebrations in Erasmus, but this was definitely a special moment for me.

The lockdown in January, February and March was hard for all of us I think but it only meant that afterwards, we enjoyed our time outside and together even more. I really feel that together with the other volunteers, we have grown to be a little family, doing trips together, sharing a beer at night and always welcoming new volunteer faces once in a while!

For me, it was also super nice, to see Lisbon nightlife coming back to life! Although we all still need to be careful, it is awesome to rediscover life music in intendente area or meet other international students in Erasmus corner.

A few of my favorite memories are for sure my first surfing lesson in Carcavelos (finally a true Portuguese!) and also our trips to Setúbal or Sintra. I love to see the endless beaches of Portugal and just as much, the beautiful gardens of Sintra. Because the time we spent together is always so full of special moments, I feel like I already made some friends, that will stick with me beyond the time of this volunteering and I am not the only one thinking about staying in Lisbon even longer.

Life does absolutely not get boring here, but only better and better. I am looking forward more than ever to the upcoming summer months, to an already planned trip to Porto and to a lot more afternoons at the beach. Chin chin to volunteering in Lisbon!

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