17 junho 2021

O testemunho No. 1 da Julia (SPIN)

Hello, my name is Julia, I’m from Poland, and I arrived on the 1st of May to volunteer at Spin Association.

For me coming here is a very unique experience because I have never lived abroad before, and I have wanted to do it since forever. For this project, I was recruited by a sending organization from Poland. They got to me at the time I was already applying for different projects. I decided to join the project in Lisbon after an online interview with Giulia which I really enjoyed. After a month of taking care of formalities, packing, and saying goodbyes I was finally here.

When I arrived I got very happy and excited but also quite overwhelmed. Considering I didn’t go outside my home country in over a year (covid), that was understandable. Luckily the feeling passed once I met Elisa, one of the volunteers working for the Spin office. She properly took care of me during my first day, showed me around a city, and helped me with some formalities. Afterward, I just felt very warm and safe.

One of the things that filled me with excitement was that the Coronavirus situation is more under control than in Poland and that Portugal will be gone out of the lockdown once I arrive. The first week I tried to make the best use out of It, and as a result, at the beginning of my second week here, I felt a bit burned out and tired since I didn’t go out and socialize that much before coming here.

Once I adjusted more and have learned how to keep exploration and proper rest in balance, what was left for me to relax and enjoy myself. And I think I ended up in just the perfect city for that.

It’s my first time in Lisbon so to be honest I didn’t have any expectations. Well, I was sure that Lisbon is a beautiful city because everyone that visits says so, but I truly got taken by surprise by its diversity (speaking both architecture and culture). It turns out it’s very full of sun, art, music, breathtaking views, and warm, open people.

Anytime you get a bit tired of being in the city, in just 30 minutes you can end up at one of the pretty beaches surrounding Lisbon or one of the charming smaller cities close by f.e. Sintra which is like a fairy tale city full of castles heels and green.

I’m really happy to know that I am going to live in this amazing city for a year, doing amazing things and connecting with beautiful people. 

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